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Fee Payment Deadline/Cancellation for Non-Payment


The fee payment deadline for the Summer 2018 term is 2:00 pm on Thursday, May 10th, 2018 for all students registered for any summer course.  Students who register after May 10th can refer to the Summer Fee Payment Schedule for appropriate payment dates.


The final fee payment deadline for the Spring 2018 term is 2:00 pm on Friday, January 12th, 2018.

Winthrop University reserves the right to cancel student registrations for all courses unless the student has made satisfactory payment arrangements by the fee payment deadline.  Cancellation occurs to allow University advisors and other students to know which classes are available to new or transferring students.  Students who have satisfactory payment arrangements will not be dropped. We will use the students' Winthrop University e-mail address to notify students they may lose their class schedule. To ensure you receive timely notices from our office, it is imperative that you establish a Winthrop University e-mail account and monitor it regularly.

Satisfactory Payment Arrangements include:

  • You have made payment in full including all past due balances.
  • You have enrolled in a payment plan and submitted the required first payment.
  • Your financial aid has been accepted and the total of accepted* aid covers your fees and your previous balances do not exceed $200.
  • You have met the requirements for the GI Bill or other veteran benefits and the funds are reflected in your account balance.
  • You have submitted any Third Party Sponsorship to Student Accounts Receivable (20 Tillman)
  • You have acquired a private loan and the funds are reflected on your student account.

 * Students whose accepted financial aid is equal or greater to their fees by the fee payment deadline, and have no previous balance, will have their classes protected automatically as a courtesy to allow time for financial aid funds to be disbursed to the student’s account.  However, protecting a student’s schedule is not a guarantee of funds and does not relieve students of the obligation to pay.  Students must complete all required steps for completion and disbursement of their financial aid. If a student does not complete the financial aid process, or is found to be ineligible for financial aid, or incurs charges after the deadline that are in excess of his/her financial aid, he/she will be responsible for paying the full account balance by the next published payment due date.

Students who decide not to attend or decide to drop a course(s) must drop that course(s) from their schedule. Students should not rely on the registration cancellation for nonpayment process to complete drops for them. Fees for dropping courses may be adjusted based on the adjustment policy in effect on the date the course(s) were dropped.




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