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World Languages and Cultures

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Before you register for courses, please take a moment to look at some of our unique course offerings and courses that offer general education credit. 

Unique Course Offerings

MLAN 303X / HONR 232H - Dream in International Cinema

A foremost goal of this course is to enhance understanding of film as an art form, especially in its capacity to express dream states and explore alternative realities. Students will examine works from diverse national contexts and perspectives, discerning throughout the intrinsic stylistics emphasized in conjuring dream states, whether discreet dream sequences included in a film or the film itself as a continuous flow of dream. Students will contribute discussion and essays analyzing the films, especially comparing the intentions and signatures of great directors, including masterpieces by Fellini, Bergman, Kurasawa, Cocteau, Bunuel, Mizoguchi, Tarkovsky, and Kubrick, among others. 


General Education Credit

Oral Communication

GERM 313 - German Conversation
MLAN 391 - Principles of Teaching Modern Languages in Grades K-12

Intensive Writing

SPAN 310 - Advanced Grammar & Composition
FREN 310 - Advanced Grammar, Composition I

Global Perspectives

FREN 201 - Intermediate French
FREN 280 - The French Film
FREN 302 - French Civilization & Culture II
FREN 360 - Special Topics in French
GERM 201 - Intermediate German
GERM 280 - The German Film
GERM 301 - German Civilization and Culture
SPAN 201 - Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 280 - The Spanish Film
SPAN 360 - Special Topics in Spanish

Historical Perspectives

FREN 385 - Topics in French/Francophone Civilizations
SPAN 385 - Special Topics in Spanish/Hispanic Civilization & Culture

Humanities & Arts

FREN 250 - Intermediate Composition & Conversation
FREN 395 - Topics in French/Francophone Literature
GERM 250 - Introduction to German Literature
GERM 401 - Survey of German Literature
SPAN 250 - Intermediate Composition & Conversation
SPAN 395 - Topics in Spanish/Hispanic Literature  

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