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College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor Award

Mentoring is an essential element in the development of undergraduate researchers. All undergraduate research mentors serve as guides, resources, and role models for methods of inquiry in a chosen field of study and for the responsible conduct of research; they support and encourage the dissemination of the student's work through conference participation, publication, etc. Thus mentors often provide students with their first entry into professional circles.

An outstanding undergraduate research mentor engages in faculty-student mentoring relationships that are both productive and transformative. Such a mentor will motivate students as they transition from "consumers" of knowledge into "producers" of original, intellectual, or creative contributions to their disciplines. Part of this process is often getting the students to believe that they can become scholars and instilling students with a sense of ownership of their work along with a passion for developing new knowledge. Typically, such transformative relationships have a tremendous impact on a students' academic, professional, and personal development.

Each year at Scholar's Day, the Dean presents the Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor Award to a faculty member who has demonstrated exemplary research mentoring during the past year. All nominations are student-initiated via the link below.

A link to the nomination form will be posted here each spring (Deadline to nominate: March 31)

Past winners

2019 Kristen Abernathy & Zach Abernathy, Mathematics
 Dustin Hoffman, English
2017 Maria Aysa-Lastra, Sociology
2016 Nick Grossoehme, Chemistry
2015 Merry Sleigh, Psychology
2014 Matthew Fike, English
2013 Jason Hurlbert, Chemistry
2012 Joseph Rusinko, Mathematics

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