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 Sociology, Criminology, and Anthropology

Degree Overview

Sociology majors have several curriculum track options. All tracks require 34 credit hours and completion of the core courses in Sociology. Options include:

    1. General Sociology

    2. Sociology with a Concentration in Criminology

    3. Sociology with a Concentration in Anthropology

    4. Sociology with a Concentration in Social Inequalities (proposed for 2020!).

There are also three minors housed in the department. Minors require 18 credit hours:

    1. Minor in Sociology

    2. Minor in Anthropology

    3. Minor in Criminal Justice

    *students may not do these minors in combination with a sociology major.


If I'm interested in a career in criminal justice, should I do the minor or the concentration?

The minor is best for those with a focus in another discipline and a peripheral interest in criminal justice. It is sufficient for entry-level jobs in the field. The major with a concentration encourages more problem-solving and critical thinking as well as research skills; therefore it is best for those considering graduate school or higher-level professional jobs in the criminal justice system.

What is the advantage of a major in Sociology if I want to work in criminal justice? Why not a Criminology major?

Many of our students go on to work in policing or probation and parole. Wouldn't police officers be better at their jobs if they had a broader understanding of race and ethnic relations in the US? Wouldn't it be beneficial to know how the criminal justice system is connected to other social institutions? Wouldn't it be good to know how the communities they serve are impacted by contemporary social problems? Wouldn't they be more marketable if they had strong statistical analysis skills to understand patterns in crime? The answer to all of these is a definite yes and that is why we keep these two disciplines combined rather than separate at Winthrop. Sociological training will give you a leg up in a criminal justice career.

 If I'm interested in a career in anthropology, should I do the minor or the concentration?

 There are many ways that these two disciplines overlap, especially in cultural anthropology. Both are concerned with the social change and social inequalities across time and place. While the concentration provides exposure to all four fields of Anthropology, studying the intersections of these two disciplines contributes to a liberal arts orientation and broadens the pathways that one can choose after graduation. It provides all of the advantages of a double major, but without requiring as many credit hours.

Do I need a concentration?

No. Some students love ALL sociology topics and don't want to be locked in. It is not necessary to specialize early on if you don't want to. Rather, the general sociology major allows you to take the core classes plus ANY sociology electives that interest you. General Sociology offers maximum flexibility for you to pursue your interests and keeps the major transfer-friendly. 


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