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Sociology, Criminology, and Anthropology

International Study

The Department of Sociology, Criminology, and Anthropology strongly encourages an international experience during the junior year of study. After the completion of the courses SOCL201/101, SOCL316 and SOCL302, would be the ideal point in the program to participate. Criminology concentrates note the third option in England.

The BCA “Bridge the world, program, Connect for peace, Act for justice” has proven to fit neatly with our department’s mission. In particular, we endorse the “The Global Conversation Program” that includes four BCA study centers: Dalian, China; Derry, Northern Ireland; Strasbourg, France; and Xalapa, Mexico (GPA required=2.6).

Here is a recent example from the China location (no previous experience in Chinese required!): 

China Location

Classes Taken

Winthrop Transfer Credits

His/Socl320-Modern China (taught in English) SOCL 399 (3)
Global Conversation (taught in English) SOCL 350 (3)
Socl325-Civil Society and Contemporary China (taught in English) SOCL 301 (3)
Compressive Chinese CHIN 101 (4)
Listening & Oral CHIN 102 (4) &
CHIN 299 (3)

Twenty one hours and your language requirement is complete!




Kansai Gaidai University (GPA require >3.25), located near Kyoto and Osaka (2nd largest city) in Japan, offers a wide range of classes in Business/Economics Anthropology, History, Political Science, Religion, and Sociology, focusing on Japan/Asia.  Classes are offered and taught in English by experienced professors. Here is an example (student pays Winthrop tuition, room and board):

Japan Transfer Credits


Winthrop Transfer Credits

Spoken Japanese (5) JAPN 101 (4)
Reading and Writing (3) JAPN 102 (4)
Peace Development and Democratization; The Asian Challenge (3) SOCL 332 (3)
Japan and Globalization SOCL 301 (3)
Onna to Otoko-Gender and Sexuality in Japan SOCL350 (3)
Death in Eastern Asian Thought SOCL304/GRNT 394 (3)

Achieve your language requirements and receive 20 hours credit!  

Edge Hill University, one of our sister schools in England, offers both criminology and sociology. The University is located in northwest England (just north of Manchester and Liverpool) and the program fee is Winthrop tuition, room and board. Not bad for England!

A few of the exciting international criminology courses:

  • CRI3012: The Politics of Imprisonment-The module will examine the functions, purpose and justifications for the use of punishment. It will consider the legitimacy of the State's use of punishment and imprisonment. The module will examine contemporary studies to develop a critical theory of punishment. (Equivalent: SOCL337)
  • CRI303: The Politics of Policing-This module provides the historical and political contexts to contemporary policing from a perspective of citizens' civil rights and civil liberties. It examines the tension between the principle of ‘all equal before the law' and differential police strategies and between lawful discretion and institutionalized discrimination. The core theme of the module is the analysis of the police as an autonomous national agency within a liberal-democratic framework of governance. (Equivalent: SOCL335)
  • CRI2016: Children, Criminalization and Victimization-This module will introduce the contested terrain that is ‘childhood’. It will examine theoretical traditions and the emergence of legislation, which focus on the ‘child’, along with consideration of the formal and informal mechanisms through which children are socialized, monitored and disciplined. (Equivalent: SOCL 401).
  • CRI201: Critical Criminology I: Theory-This module will provide grounding in critical theory, locating issues of ‘crime’, ‘disorder’ and conflict within a contemporary criminological analysis. It will combine and integrate neo-Marxist and feminist analyses to consider both the historical and contemporary developments concerning the state, power and legitimacy. Mainstream theories of crime and deviance will be challenged by examining the structural form and arrangements of criminal justice. Class (production), ‘race’ (neocolonialism) and gender (reproduction) will be examined within the context of the advanced capitalist state and its processes of political management and social regulation. Recent developments and debates will be examined, stressing the significance of the operation of the law and state intervention and the politics and ideology of institutionalized practices. (Equivalent: SOCL25)

More about these and other programs from or the International Center.

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