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Department of Social Work

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The Center for Social Welfare Research & Assessment (CSWRA) was established in July 2007 within the Department of Social Work. Its work is intended to support the practice community by conducting research and evaluation while also supporting the goals of the Department by offering hands-on learning opportunities for students.

Our Mission:
The Center for Social Welfare Research and Assessment (CSWRA) works to enhance and support the initiatives of our community partners through research, training, program development/evaluation, and technical assistance.

Our Services:

  • Research, Assessment, & Dissemination
  • Program Development
  • Training & Professional Development
  • Change Management
  • Technical Assistance
  • Contract Management
  • Partnership Facilitation and Grant Writing

The CSWRA adheres to these core principles:

  1. Service to students - We maintain a commitment to nurturing the development of the next generation of professionals by seeking opportunities that are inclusive and that enhance the learning experience of students.
  2. Leadership - We recognize that we have been entrusted with a position of leadership by our stakeholders. Therefore we lead by:
    a. Communicating – setting clear expectations and providing regular feedback,
    b. Training – taking care to maintain the highest possible levels of knowledge to offer to our stakeholders,
    c. Experience – providing the confidence of a team that has successfully delivered many times, and
    d. Example – taking our own advice, taking responsibility for our actions and giving others an example to follow.
  3. Excellence - We strive to do our best in all we do directing us to develop a sustained passion for continuous improvement and innovation.
  4. Diversity - We value the experiences and perspectives that individuals and organizations representing all facets of our community bring to our work.
  5. Equality - Commitment to preserving the rights of all members of our community through our work.

Graduate students interested in gaining experience in research can apply for a Research Assistant position in the CSWRA. For more information, visit Student Employment. BSW and MSW students interested in child welfare can apply to participate in the Child Welfare Scholars Program, operated by the CSWRA.

In addition to the services above, every fall, the CSWRA and the Department of Social Work host the annual Creating Caring Connections Conference. The annual conference began through a partnership between the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Bureau of Community Long Term Care & Behavioral Health Services and the CSWRA. Its purpose is to share the research findings that have been done on behalf of the Bureau and the clients they serve. As a result, professionals providing long term care services have an opportunity to learn about research that can then be applied into practice.

Creating Caring Connections has also proven to be a great forum for discussions about topics and trends that impact our communities. As its name implies, we also hope it serves as an opportunity to establish and renew alliances among those committed to providing long term care services. Creating Caring Connections completed its 6th year in September 2012 in with just over 300 people in attendance. For more information, visit the Conference Web page.