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Selecting a Graduate Program

Choosing Prospective Schools

  • Use Graduate Study in Psychology and Associated Fields, the internet, and advice from faculty to help select prospective programs and schools
    • Start with 15-20 prospective schools
    • Narrow down to 10-12 serious possibilities
    • Should apply to at least 5-6 programs (more if applying to doctoral programs)
    • These should represent a range of selectivity & quality:
      • 2-3 “Highly desirable” programs
      • 2-3 “Satisfactory” programs
      • 2-3 “Sure bets”
    • Students with marginal qualifications and students applying to more selective programs should apply to a greater number of programs
    • If your preference is to be admitted to a doctoral program, you should also apply to some Masters programs to “play it safe.”
    • Warning: The entire application process may cost $200-$400 and take several months (deadlines for many doctoral programs are in January or February; those for masters or specialist programs are usually from February 1st to April 15th)
    • Many schools have $25-50 application fees

Using the Internet

The Internet is an excellent source for information concerning Graduate Study/Associated Fields in Psychology.  These internet sites provide useful information concerning graduate programs in psychology:


Visit the School Psychology website.

Visit the Graduate School at Winthrop University.


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