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Philosophy and Religious Studies

Message from the Chair

JudgeHeadshotWelcome to the Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies at Winthrop University. Our faculty members earned their doctoral degrees in programs at some of the most prestigious universities in the world: The University of California at Santa Barbara; The University of Chicago; The Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium; The University of Washington. They are hard-working scholars who know their fields and they are also dedicated teachers who work hard to make your learning experience productive and fruitful. They are ready to guide you in your study of Philosophy and Religion, whether you choose to pursue a major with us or decide to minor in one or both of our disciplines. Our students take a core of courses in both and then follow a track in the one that most interests them.

Philosophy and Religious Studies are related in that they address human life’s most basic issues and questions of meaning. Yet, they differ in perspectives or the way they frame those questions and they each rely on a variety of methodologies. Our program will teach you to think clearly and logically about thinking itself, to seek an understanding of what truth is and how we know that we know it. You’ll learn about ideas that changed the world and about some that affect only a few. You’ll discover how differing perspectives and commitments challenge one another and see the world in differing ways, and that it’s possible to have a civil disagreement about different viewpoints. You’ll understand what makes a good decision and how often paying attention to the smallest point of intellectual detail can have a profound effect on practical, everyday life. You’ll study the things about which people are passionate and you’ll do it using the tools of language, literature, history, psychology, anthropology, and others.

A Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Religion is already an interdisciplinary degree in itself, but it connects you to so many interests and prepares you for so many possibilities. You’ll be a broadly educated thinker no matter what your next step will be. Check us out. Let us help you Live, Learn, and Lead here at Winthrop and beyond.


Peter J. Judge

Chair, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies

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