Winthrop University: Department of Mathematics at Winthrop - MPE- Instructions


Mathematics Placement Exam


  1. Complete the MPE Registration form and proceed once you have received your Individual Access Code via e-mail from
  2. Go to  If this is your first time visiting the website:
    • Under "Register Now" on the right hand side, click "Student".
    • You will be taken to a new page. Click "Register Now".
    • This will open a new tab or window (if you have a pop-up blocker, you may need to disable it in order to get the new page to open). Select "Yes I have an access code" and click "Next".
    • Read the privacy policy and license agreement and click "I Accept".
    • Under "Do you have a Pearson Education account?" select "No".
    • Create a login name and password
      • Suggestion:  Use your e-mail address for the login name.
      • The 8-32 character password must include at least one number.  Next to "Strength" an error message will display if you use an invalid character, the password is too short, etc.
    • Enter your Individual Access Code (this is provided to you in an e-mail once you completed the online Registration form).
    • Click "Next".
    • Enter your name, e-mail address, country, zip code, and school name (Winthrop University).  Select and answer a security question.
    • Click "Next".
    • Click "Login Now" to return to the original log-in page.
  3. Enter your username and password, and click "Login".
  4. Click "Enter MyMath Test".
  5. Enter (copy and paste) the program id: XL4D-I13E-401Y-1EW2
  6. Click "Enroll".
  7. If you would like to study or take the practice tests before taking the placement exam, visit the MPE Review & Retesting page for information on how to use the online materials to prepare, and come back to this page when you are ready to take the exam.  If you are ready to take the exam now, click "Take A Test" on the left hand side. Note: you need to have enough time allotted to complete the exam in a single sitting before you begin.
  8. Click "Math Placement Exam" and then click "I am ready to start" to begin the test.  Note:  The questions are randomly ordered.  So if you do not know how to complete a question, go on to the next question- you may find it less difficult.
  9. If you did very well on the "Math Placement Exam," you can then take the "Math Placement Exam - For Placement Into Calculus" in order to try to place directly into a calculus course. If you cannot open the "Math Placement Exam - For Placement Into Calculus," you will need to review and retest in order to become eligible to take the second test.
  10. You will be informed of your placement results via e-mail (exam review dates can be found on the frequently asked questions page).

Last Updated: 3/12/23