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Department of Mathematics
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The Major

The Mathematics programs at Winthrop feature challenging but rewarding curricula taught by an experienced an enthusiastic faculty.  The program offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees each with a teacher certification option, providing students with the opportunity to tailor a program to their specific professional goals.  All programs offer explorations of a variety of mathematical disciplines and prepare students for many different post-graduation experiences.  Small class sizes and the ability to interact personally with faculty members contribute to a rewarding experience for mathematics majors.

The Program

The Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics is designed for students who wish to pursue careers in numerous areas, including industry or teaching. With the B.A. option students choose a minor in order to allow for exploration of another discipline.

The Bachelor of Science in mathematics is designed for students whose career goals require a strong, comprehensive background in mathematics, including those planning to attend graduate school or enter a field of research. All mathematics majors are required to complete courses that develop mathematical skills and understanding in calculus, reasoning and proof, geometry, probability and statistics, and applied mathematics.

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