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Mass Communication

Faculty Achievements

Our faculty has a wide array of interests and engages in significant research and creative activities including documentaries, books, research grants, publication in leading academic journals, and conference presentations around the world. Faculty are also engaged in undergraduate research and mentoring students. Last year the department held its first undergraduate research symposium. 

Here is a small sample of recent faculty work:


  • Presented research, “Hoyt W. Fuller, Cultural Nationalism, and Black World Magazine, 1970-1973” at Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Conference, (2014).
  • Co-authored and presented, “Hegemonic Masculinity and Stunted Expectations in Everybody Loves Raymond” at Popular Culture Association Conference.


  • Secured Winthrop University Sponsored Program and Research grant to conduct a collaborative video study about creative thinking in advertising.
  •  Awarded a fellowship for the Visiting Professor Program awarded by the Advertising Educational Foundation, thus secured a position Young & Rubicam in New York.


  • Awarded the Laurence Campbell Award for Outstanding research (Scholastic Division) for research examining the motivations of aspiring journalism students.

Presented the following papers at AEJMC:

  •  “Impact of the Internet on Moral Reasoning,” (2013).
  •  “Propagandistic Appeals in Partisan Programming,” (2013).


  • Producer, photographer, video editor, and writer of testimonial video for South Carolina Broadcasters Association’s “Lifetime Achievement Award” displayed at Association’s annual award ceremony.
  • Co-producer and chief video editor of “24 Hours @ Winthrop,” a video documentary displaying Winthrop University campus activities.


  • Secured global research grant on Leadership in Communication Management funded by the Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations, University of Alabama.
  •  Multiple author and co-authorship of 2013-14 book chapters, journal article, conference papers. Topics were public relations leadership in global settings, account planning, reverse product placement,  
     and global learning in mass communication.
  •  Served as mentor to four undergraduate research teams enrolled in her theory and research class. Presentation of projects served as the Department’s first undergraduate research symposium.


  • Publisher and co-editor, “Media Ethics at Work: True Stories from Young Professionals, (2013, 2016).

Paper and chapter publications:

  • “Richard Fox and the Modernization of the Squared Circle in the Late Nineteenth Century,” in Major Problems in American Sport History, 2nd Edition, Ed. Steven A. Riess (Stamford, Conn.: Cengage, 2015).
  • “This Wicked World: Masculinities and the Portrayals of Sex, Crime, and Sports in the National Police Gazette, 1879–1906,” Taylor and Francis online.
  • “Sensitivity and Professionalism: The Case of the Perils of Facebook,” Media Ethics at Work: True Stories from Young Professionals. Eds. Lee Anne Peck and Guy Reel, (Washington: Sage, 2013).
  • “Of Tabloids, Detectives and Gentlemen: How depictions of policing helped define  American masculinities at the turn of the twentieth century,” A History of Police and Masculinities 1700-2010, Eds.
     David G. Barrie and Susan Broomhall (New York: Routledge, 2012).


  • Book chapter co-author of “La Plus Que Ça Change…? Cancer Activism: Lessons Learned from the Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer Movements,” in Cancer and Health Policy: Advancements and Opportunities published by the Oncology Nursing Society.


Authored the following:

  • "Social Construction and News Work: Newsworkers, Civic Function and Resistance in the Changing Media World," (2014). 
  •  “Newsroom Resistance: An Ethnographic Study of the Modern News Worker, Policies, & Organizational Dissatisfaction,” in The Journal of Media Communication & Film, (2014).
  •  “Newsroom Social Controls: An Ethnographic Study of the Modern News Worker and Organizational Dynamics,” in The 11th International Symposium Communication in the Millennium, (2014).  



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