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International Studies

Africa/ Middle East Focus

ARTH 351: Arts of Africa (offered once every two years)

ARTH 483-485: Special Topics in Non-Western Art (when relevant)

BADM 400: International Field Experience

(if site is in Africa/Middle East) (pre-req: junior standing)

*FREN 101, 102:

(Grade of at least C or S in 101 required for 102). If used to satisfy the 102 level language proficiency, these do not count towards the 18 credit hours in the minor.

Note: All FREN courses above 102. Courses listed below are especially noteworthy:

FREN 301: French Civilization and Culture I

(pre-req: 6 hrs French at the 200 level)

FREN 302: French Civilization and Culture II

(pre-req: 6 hrs French at the 200 level)

FREN 401: Survey of Francophone Literature.

(Largely literature of French colonies in Africa. Pre-req: FREN 205 and one 300-level FREN course or instructor's permission.

FREN 575: French Literature in Translation

(Open to advanced undergrads and graduate students; knowledge of French is not required; not taught regularly)

GEOG 303/AAMS 303: Geography of Africa

(pre-req: sophomore status or instructor's permission)

GEOG 304: Geography of Middle East

(this course is infrequently offered. pre-req: GEOG 101 and sophomore status, or instructor's permission)

HIST 350, 550: Special Topics in History, when appropriate.

INAS 320: International Service Learning when approved as relevant to Africa/Middle East

INAS 425: Seminar in International Area Studies when approved as relevant to Africa/Middle East

INAS 520: International Service Learning when approved as relevant to Africa/Middle East

Note: MLAN Modern Languages Special Topics courses when approved as relevant to Africa/Middle East (e.g., MLAN 101X Elementary Arabic, if not used to satisfy the INTL minor's language

roficiency requirement, can count towards the 18 hours of the INTL minor)

PLSC 338/AAMS 338: Government and Politics of Africa

(pre-req: PLSC 205 or PLSC 207 or AAMS 300 or instructor's permission)

RELG 313: Introduction to the Hebrew Bible

RELG 314: New Testament

RELG 310: Early Jewish and Christian Self-Definition

(pre-req: RELG 313 and 314, or instructor's permission)

SOCL 320: Sociology of Contemporary Africa (infrequently offered)

(pre-req: SOCL 101 or 201 or instructor's permission)

Note: Special Topics and Study Abroad courses in a variety of disciplines may be eligible. Petition the INTS Advisory Committee for approval.  

Last Updated: 8/20/20