Winthrop University: CAS Faculty Profile - Barak, Meir

Name:  Meir Barak
Title:  Associate Professor
Education:  Ph.D., Bone Biomechanics, Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel)
D.V.M., The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel)
Teaching certificate in Biology (high-school) - Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel)
B.Sc., Animal Science, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel)
Office:  112 Dalton Hall   
Phone:  803/323-2111 x6433
Web:  The Bone Biomechanics Lab  
Area(s):  Bone Biology, Bone Biomechanics, Bone Tissue Adaptation in Response to Load, Effects of Aging on Bone Tissue, Finite Element Modeling and 3D Printing of Trabecular Bone Structures, Locomotion



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 My main research interests are bone biomechanics and the structure-function relationship between bone tissue architecture and loading (bone modeling).

In my lab, we are studying the relation between cortical and trabecular bone structures and their mechanical properties (mainly stiffness and strength) by (I) mechanically testing the orthotropic properties of cortical bone tissue in various bones and different locations along the bone, (II) 3D printing trabecular bone structures (both original/intact and after the structure was altered, e.g. simulating disease or bone modeling) and mechanically testing them in compression from different orientations, and (III) using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to map stresses and strain distribution and to predict areas of weakness which are prone to fail first.

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