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Environmental Sciences and Studies
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The Minors

The minor in Environmental Studies provides students with a broad background on how environmental issues are approached and deals primarily with the impact of humans on their environment. 

The minor in Sustainability provides students with a broad understanding of how we can meet the needs of today without compromising the needs of future generations. This minor covers a broader suite of topics than the environmental studies minor and is generally more applied. More information about this minor can be found here. 

Double majors or additional minors

A number of our recent graduates have included multiple minors or majored in more that one area. This all takes planning and really depends on individual student goals. For instance, one recent graduate received BA degrees in both History and Environmental Studies and included a minor in Medieval Studies. Another Environmental Studies graduate also received a BA in Dance with a minor in Political Science. Recent graduates with a BS degree in Environmental Sciences included minors in Chemistry, Anthropology, or Biology.