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Environmental Sciences and Studies

Undergraduate Research in Environmental Sciences and Studies

Many students augment their academic program and receive valuable experience, training, and/or academic credit by participating in undergraduate research. Research is carried out and initiated in many ways. Some students are encouraged to expand on a class paper or project. Some students participate in ongoing research initiated by faculty. 

Resources for Undergraduate Research at Winthrop University  

Examples of Environmental Undergraduate Research at Winthrop


There are several ongoing research projects at Winthrop involving the use of soils to investigate both modern and ancient environments. This research has carried students into the Appalachian Mountains of Maryland, the high desert plains of the southwestern US, and into the Congaree National Park near Columbia, SC. See Dr. Werts for more details.
Examining Soils in the Southwestern US

Water Quality

One student is working on water quality in a south Charlotte residential storm water retention pond. Nutrient enrichment is a possible factor in promoting unwanted algal blooms in this community pond. 

Geographic Information Systems applications

Two students investigated the use of GIS technology in monitoring tree health on campus. See Mr. McFadden for more details.

Environmental Education

One student is investigating the impact of an outdoor classroom on nature deficit disorder in children at one local public school.

Last Updated: 10/24/22