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Science Courses for English Majors

Courses suggested to satisfy the science requirements for English majors for catalogs from 2004-2005 forward. Courses marked with * are NOT lab sciences!

You must take 7 hours of science courses from at least two of the three areas that follow. One of those courses must be a lab.

Natural Science: (3-8) One must include a lab (indicated by ~); if two courses are taken, must be in two areas.

Life: ANTH 202~, 315,  BIOL 150 / 151~, 203 / 204~, 206H~ (Honors only), GRNT 301, NUTR 221, SCIE 301.

Earth: ANTH 220, 345~, GEOL 110 / 113~, 210 / 211~, 220, 250 / 251~.

Physical: CHEM 101, 105, 106 / 108~, PHYS 101 / 102~, 105, 211 / 211L~, 253, 256 .

Note: The state no longer requires two lab sciences for secondary students certifying to teach. The Curriculum Committee has approved a blanket petition to allow students in catalogs prior to 2008-2009 to take one lab science and one additional course from another category under natural sciences. The blanket petition covers all students in all catalogs prior to 2008-2009.

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Last Updated: 8/20/20