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Literature and Language

The Literature and Language Track is intended for students who plan to pursue graduate work in English; for those planning to pursue futures in graduate school, law school, the ministry, the business world, politics, non-profits, or a host of other outlets; and for students who seek primarily a liberal arts education. The track focuses on reading, critical thinking, research, analysis, and effective communication practices--all much-desired skills in the twenty-first century workplace. In this option, students are expected to complete advanced courses in each of the following areas: British literature, American literature, and the structure or development of the English language.

The program of study for this track is laid out in the Winthrop University Undergraduate Catalog. The student must attain a cumulative grade-point average of 2.00 or better in courses taken at Winthrop and included in the 36 semester hours of the required program. The student must complete a minimum of 12 semester hours of ENGL courses in residence at Winthrop University. In addition to the 36 semester hours of the required program, the student must select and complete a minor. Within the 124 semester hours required for this degree, the student must include a minimum of 40 hours in courses numbered above 299 and complete the Constitution requirement as described in the catalog.

Students completing the required program for the B.A. degree in English must demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language at or above the second semester college level. This requirement may be met by a satisfactory score on a recognized proficiency examination or by passing any foreign language course numbered 102 or any course with 102 as a prerequisite. A maximum of 3 semester hours of foreign language courses may be applied to Area I and a maximum of 3 semester hours may be applied to Area V of the Winthrop University General Education Distribution requirements.  Read more about science course recommendations for non-science majors

Students desiring certification as teachers of English should consult the specific program requirements for that track.

Last Updated: 8/1/19