Critical Reading and Research

Critical Reading and Research

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How does studying literature make you valuable to employers?

  • Ability to engage in critical analysis of data and texts
  • Skills in analysis, synthesis, evaluation, and argument
  • Persuasive, eloquent, powerful communication
  • Competence in critical thinking skills

Winthrop English Majors are introduced to the wonder of literature, but they also master tools of research. They are trained to understand complex documents, and they become strong editors. These skills aid them in their quests to become successful employees and citizens.

At Winthrop, students read the works of authors from a broad range of historical, cultural, ethnic, racial, and gendered backgrounds, and they develop a nuanced understanding of how context affects textual production. Students identify the growth and evolution of the literary form in history; they also gain skills in finding knowledge, in original manuscripts and in online archives. Our graduates have used these skills to become attorneys, editors, professors, and teachers, as well as social media directors, corporate communication officers, project and events coordinators, company owners, non-profit and corporate managers, and Peace Corps volunteers.

Dozens of our students have presented papers at regional and national literary conferences; some have even published their work in undergraduate journals. Many of our students have gone on to study at prestigious graduate programs where they have received full funding and scholarships. Our faculty mentor our students as they seek a future that allows them to utilize their excellent reading and writing abilities.

Last Updated: 8/20/20