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In an effort to effectively convey information of importance to the Winthrop community, and at the same time to keep the campus free from litter, the following guidelines have been established for the posting of information to advertise or promote the events and programs of recognized student organizations, university departments, academic units and off-campus entities. Neither the contents of this policy nor the receipt of an approval for posting should in any way be understood as an endorsement of support by Winthrop University of the materials being posted or the actual function(s) being advertised. In the interest of public safety, the University may make exceptions to this policy.

Postings: (For Winthrop University Student Organizations, Departments and University Sponsored Events) 

• Postings should reflect activities or interests of recognized student organizations and university departments. 

 • Postings or advertising which promotes the use and/or sale of alcohol as the primary function of the event are prohibited. 

• Posted materials must clearly promote the activity publicized and the sponsoring university organization as its pri¬mary message, rather than the commercial advancement of the non-affiliated entity or product. If the name, logo, trademark, slogan, or similar identifier of a non-university affiliate appears on the posting, it  must not appear as the dominant message.

• Student organizations and university departments that want to post flyers/posters/ materials must follow the approval process for each building/ location. Postings must be placed in approved designated places in each building (please refer to the list of approved posting locations

• Postings may not be placed on the exterior surfaces of any campus buildings, trees, lampposts, fences, right-of-ways adjacent to university academic, residential or support facilities, or on the windshields of cars. 

• Notices to be posted in residence halls must be approved by the Residential Learning Coordinators and follow all guidelines set by the Department of Residence Life. 

• Every person and group are responsible for litter generated by their own handouts or handbills.

Enforcement: Violations of this policy by students or student organizations are prohibited by the Student Conduct Code and will be subject to the disciplinary process. Violations of this policy by off-campus entities may result in their loss of future privileges. 


Posting for off-campus vendors, community organizations businesses and individuals:

Off-campus vendors not sponsored by university departments or student organizations, off-campus community organizations, businesses, and individuals are permitted to advertise on-campus by either (1) purchasing an ad in the university newspaper or other official university media and/ or (2) posting reasonable amounts of advertising items on seven main bulletin boards: three in the breezeway connecting McLaurin Hall to Tillman Hall, one by the Cashiers Office near 17 Tillman, one in Dinkins Hall on the back wall of the information desk, and two in the DiGiorgio Campus Center by the post office. 



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