Banner Finance Forms and Instructions



    The "F" in FOAP stands for fund code.  Fund codes identify the source of revenue provided to the university.  Since the funds may be from several sources, it is important that certain rules be followed.  

      The source of revenue in this fund is funds approved by our state legislators and tuition.  It is commonly referred to as Educational and General funds (E&G).  Most departments on campus are assigned budgets using this fund and it can be used for most general operating expenses.  Since a portion of this fund is derived from tuition, an increase in student enrollment generally means an increase in monies available to be budgeted.  Conversely, a drop in enrollment means less revenue is available.

      Revenue in this fund comes from student housing and other fees paid by residential students. Any fund that begins with the number “2” is an auxiliary fund. Expenses charged to this type of fund should be those needed by students for their on-campus needs.

      Students pay an additional fee to participate in campus activities. These fees are deposited into the 12x030 fund called student activities fund. Athletics, Student Affairs, and a few other departments use this fund code.

      These fund codes are referred to as “revenue” funds and are assigned to specific revenue producing projects, events, or activities requested by a department or group. They have a specific revenue goal which has been identified by the department/group and the fund is maintained by that department/group. Expenses that are incurred to help raise the revenue are allowed to be charged to the fund.

    The "O" in FOAP stands for the organization code commonly referred to as your org.  This is a four digit number that is assigned to a specific department.  Each department on campus has their own unique org code. 

    The "A" in FOAP stands for the account code.  The account code is a five digit number that is assigned to identify specific types of expenses.  They are used by everyone on campus and are not exclusive to any particular department.  They are, however, divided into groups.

    • Account codes beginning with  the number “4” indicate revenue being deposited
    • Account codes beginning with 5xxxx indicate wages and fringe benefits
    • Account codes beginning with 71xxx are those used for operating expenses
    • Account codes beginning with 72xxx are travel codes
    • Account codes beginning with 74xxx are for capital equipment (one piece of equipment that costs $5,000 or more

    The 'P" in FOAP stands for the program code. It is a three digit code that is used internally to group like departments on campus by their purpose. For example, all academic departments use 100, which stands for instruction, as a program code. It does not impact daily business processes in Banner.




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