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Global Education

Teaching students about other cultures is a Winthrop tradition dating back to the school’s early days. Today’s Winthrop experience focuses on turning students into global citizens who can navigate an interconnected world. Learn more about recent efforts:

Global Learning Initiative

As part of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools reaccreditation process in 2011, Winthrop created an initiative to integrate global learning across the university’s general education program. Called the Global Learning Initiative, it will help students develop global knowledge, attitudes and engagement. The five-year plan also will encourage study abroad experiences and provide for more cultural events that allow students to see different local, national and international cultures.

Nantong University Agreement

Winthrop and Nantong University officials signed a 10-year articulation agreement this spring to continue offering Chinese students a chance to earn a Winthrop degree in accounting. Winthrop professors travel twice a semester to China to teach a total of four courses per year to aid students in the transition. The first class of 27 students graduated in May with a bachelor’s degree and 15 will stay to earn their M.B.A. degrees.

International Enrollment

To create a more diverse student body, Winthrop encouraged growth in its international student enrollment. This fall, a record 180 students from 36 countries attended classes, while in the spring 200 students from 38 countries were on campus. The largest majority, 62 students, came from China, followed by Saudi Arabia and Canada. International Center officials encourage bringing a wide mixture of perspectives to campus to help Winthrop bridge cultural gaps among students.