Winthrop University: Virtual Admitted Student Month

Virtual Admitted Student Month

We are offering Virtual Information Sessions for you to learn more about Life at Winthrop. Each session will be offered two times (Noon and 4pm) on the date it is scheduled.

April 15 – Next Steps to Becoming an Eagle

April 20 – Student Panel

April 25 – Virtual Winthrop Day

April 30 – Virtual Roommate Mixer

May 5 – Real Talk with Parents (5:30pm & 7pm)

May 5 – What to expect in Freshmen Year

May 11 – Getting involved on campus

May 15 – Friday Finale

Want to learn more about your Major?? Interested in a few majors and not sure which to pick? Join our Academic Departments for virtual information sessions between April 27-May 14. Click Here to Register for Major Knowledge Sessions.

Register for our Virtual Admitted Student Month Here!

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Last Updated: 1/31/23