Winthrop University: Michelle Bogan

Michelle Bogan

Name: Michelle Bogan

Admissions Counselor

Hometown: Beaufort, SC

Education: B.S. Business Administration/ Masters of Business Administration - Winthrop University


US Territory: DC, DE, MD, VA

What makes Winthrop special to you?
  All of the wonderful memories of being a student and the lifelong friendships I made during my time there.

What do you love about Winthrop?  The size, beauty and amazing history.

Why should a student pick Winthrop?  Winthrop is a state-supported institution that feels very much like a private school.  It is located to a major metropolitan area and is a university known for its diversity.

Favorite local restaurant in Rock Hill?  White Horse
Favorite event to attend in Rock Hill or local area?  Glencairn Gardens
Favorite Food?  Mexican
Favorite Hobbies? Decorating, shopping, walking my dogs. and working in my yard

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