Winthrop University: Winthrop Admissions Counselor Ty Robbins

Ty Robbins

Name: Ty Robbins

Admissions Counselor

Hometown:  Easley, South Carolina

Education:  Winthrop University 17'


What makes Winthrop special to you?
  The community on campus, the community in Rock Hill, and the opportunities we find in the greater Rock Hill area.

What do you love about Winthrop?  The trees. It’s an odd thing to love, but the trees that surround campus give it so much character.

What is your favorite local restaurant in Rock Hill?  Legal Remedy Brewing, but you can’t go wrong with RoCo, Burgers and Barley or Millstone Pizza. Don’t get me started on favorite brewery!

What is your favorite event to attend in Rock Hill or local area?  Food Truck Friday, especially when we have live music.

What is your favorite thing about Rock Hill?  We aren’t stagnant. We are a community that continues to grow and show promise in the coming years.

Why should a student pick Winthrop?  If you feel the call, Winthrop is the right place for you. If you want to join a diverse community, not be a number, and learn about the world around you, Winthrop will serve you well.

What advice do you have for students during their search process?  Visiting the colleges you are interested in is crucial. If you are going to be living there for four years, you probably want to check out the campus.

Fun Facts about Ty:
Favorite Food? The Zoe Pizza from Millstone, it's FIRE!
Favorite Author?  Stephen King
Favorite Movie?  Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Favorte Role Model?  Theodore Roosevelt

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