Winthrop University: Tadean Page

Tadean Page

Name: Tadean Page

Public Outreach and Community Coordinator

Hometown: Dillon, South Carolina

Education: Winthrop University -B.A. in Individualized Studies with a concentration in Organizational Leadership, Northeastern University



What do you love about  Winthrop?

The component I love most about Winthrop is our sense of unity.  There is this sense of community you feel amongst the students, faculty and staff, and administration.  Because of our commitment to inclusivity, Winthrop has the  "family feel", making it a great place for students from all backgrounds.

What is your favorite place local restaurant in Rock Hill?
I have so many local restaurants that I love! One of my favorite spots would have to be Knowledge Perk. Knowledge Perk is a locally-owned coffee immersion shop that has a cinnamon roll to die for!

Why should a student pick Winthrop? 

Winthrop has so many characteristics that makes it unique. Here are three things that I can assure any prospective student:

  • You will find community. With over 160 clubs and organizations, 43+ majors, and nearly 6,000 students, I can assure you that you will find your niche and tribe. Every college says that, right? Here at Winthrop our faculty, staff, and student leaders are dedicated to ensuring that is every student’s reality.

  • There is always something to do on or off-campus. We know that the out of classroom experience is just as important as the in-class experience. Rock Hill is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation and we are approximately 30 minutes from Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • With our commitment to education, you leave campus prepared to take on the world’s problem and successfully navigate the next chapter of your life professionally.

Favorite Food?
  Love all things Mexican food!  Did someone say queso?
Favorite Performer?  Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter
Favorite Hobbies?  I thoroughly enjoy reading books, traveling, and spending time with those within my villiage.

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