Winthrop University: Candace Jones

Candace Jones

Name: Candace L. Jones

Data Analyst

Hometown: Syracuse, New York

Education: Syracuse University, University of North Carolina Charlotte (MPA)




What makes Winthrop special to you?
  The people. During my time, working and taking classes, the people is what makes Winthrop so special because they care. They care about your well-being and your future. And that is rare to find a community that cares for you.

What do you love about Winthrop? The people. School pride. I personally know Alumni from Winthrop and they absolutely love Winthrop and that speaks to who Winthrop is at their core.

What is your favorite local restaurant in Rock Hill?  Nishie G’s.

Why should a student pick Winthrop? A student should pick Winthrop if they are looking for an academically strong school with professors that care for them while still having a college experience

What advice do you have for students during their search process? Be open. Be a dreamer. Research schools based off your interests and the college experience that you want. Don’t settle.

Favorite Food - Macaroni and cheese 
Favorite Performer - Usher and Janet Jackson 
Favorite Hobby - Drawing

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