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Enrollment Fee/Admissions Deposit Instructions

An enrollment fee of $300 is required to reserve a space in the fall entering class for most students (refer to your letter of admission). The fee is non-refundable, so you are strongly encouraged to submit it only after you have confirmed your plans to enroll at Winthrop.  Please contact your admissions counselor if you wish to request an extension.

If you wish to submit your enrollment fee by check or money order, submit payment with the card and envelope that were enclosed with your letter of admission to ensure that the money is credited to the correct account.  If you misplaced your card, click here to print a PDF version.

Instructions For Paying Your Enrollment Fee Online Are Provided Below

Step 1 - Create a Winthrop E-mail account

All admitted students will need to obtain a Winthrop E-mail account. This account will be used to log on to Wingspan, the student portal. You will register for classes on Wingspan. You may register for an e-mail account by logging on to your enrollment checklist .

Step 2 - Wingspan Login

  • From the Wingspan homepage (, enter your Winthrop e-mail address.  You will be required to create a password if this is the first time that you have logged on to Wingspan.
  • Click on the "Login" button. 
  • Click the "Account Summary and Payments" link (first link on the Home page.)

Step 3 - Authorize payment from a third-party (if applicable)
(This step is only necessary if someone other than the student will be making payments on the student's behalf.)

To ensure that no one accesses your account without your specific approval, you will need to authorize a third party to have access to view and/or make payments on your account.

  • At the top of the page is a link titled "Authorized Users". Click on the link and click on "Add Authorized User" to allow individuals to access your account. Enter the e-mail address of the person you wish to authorize.  Decide whether you want them to be able to view your charges and payment history (Yes) or only make payments (NO), then click Add User.
  • Read the Account Agreement and terms and if you agree, click I Agree and continue.
  • Users will have access to make the payments on your behalf and to view your account activity. They will not have access to other features such as class schedule, grades, etc. Authorized users will have the ability to sign up for the Winthrop Payment Plan if they choose.
  • After you have completed the authorization process, the individual will receive two e-mails from TouchNet. The first one is a notice stating they have access to your account and that their username will be their e-mail address. The second e-mail gives them their password.

Step 4 - Make Payment

Please note that the admissions deposit or enrollment fee will not appear as an outstanding charge.  Follow the instructions below to remit payment.

  • Select the "Make a Payment" link.
  • Select the "Make a Payment" link AGAIN.
  • Click on "Future due" option and enter the amount you are paying in the box.
  • Drop down the "Term" box and select the term Fall 2016.  (Please do not click on "Pay by Term".)
  • Click "Continue".

If you have any questions, please contact Student Financial Services at 803-323-2165.

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