High School Sophomores

Setting Yourself Up for Success

As a sophomore, you now have a better understanding of high school and navigating the workload. Your schedule may also be ramping up with AP, IB or Cambridge International classes that can offer college credit, along with SAT and ACT preparations. Here’s how to stay on track:

  • Look Over your Class Schedule –This is the point that your course selection becomes important. Taking Honors Courses, Pre IB, AP, and/or Cambridge courses should be discussed with your counselor and considered for your next three years.

  • Meet with a High School Counselor – Check in with your high school counselor to make sure your current schedule has set you on a successful track towards your post-high school goal. This is also a good time to discuss your interest and thoughts on college to start narrowing your list down.

  • Start your SAT & ACT Prep – Take note of the PSAT and Pre-ACT test dates and look for practice tests that can help you better prepare. You can also check the admissions websites of the colleges you’re interested in to find the score requirements to see where you land.

  • Join Clubs & Organizations – Continue to establish involvement in extra-curricular activities in your school and community.  Colleges and universities are looking for well-rounded students inside and outside of the classroom.  To decide on what activities best fit you, talk with your parents and high school counselors to find opportunities within your school and community.