Pathways from York Tech to Winthrop - Social Work 4 Semester Plan

Pathways from York Tech to Winthrop

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Social Work

4 Semester Plan: Recommended Plan for YTC Associate in Arts Degree

Semester 1 Hrs Semester 2 Hrs
ENG 101 3

ENG 102

COL 101 1 HIS 202 3
SPC 205 3 BIO 105 4
MAT 103 3 PSC 201 3
HIS 201 3 PSY 201 3
CPT 101 3    
  16 Hrs   16 Hrs


Semester 3 Hrs Semester 4 Hrs
ART 101 3

SPA 102*

HIS 101 3 HIS 102 3
SPA 101* 4 THE 101 3
MUS 105 3 SOC 101 3
AST 101 4    
  17 Hrs   13 Hrs

*A foreign language is not required for Social Work at Winthrop.  All other majors in the College of Arts and Sciences require a foreign language.

Students who complete the Associate Degree at York Technical College may be earning additional credit hours beyond the total hours required for a degree at Winthrop University, depending upon the chosen major or minor (if required).  Students are advised to work closely with their York Tech advisor and with Winthrop advisors.

Last Updated: 3/18/20