Winthrop University: Admissions - 1st Look Friday Schedule

Virtual First Look Friday

Catch a glimpse into the life of a Winthrop Student by attending this event you will be able to take a class, meet with an admissions counselor and current students followed by a virtual campus tour.

Schedule of Events -

9:15 a.m. 

    Log on to Zoom (make sure you set your first and last name for your zoom profile) and we will let you in once the event starts.

9:30 a.m.

    Find out what it takes to be an Eagle and if you are already admitted, learn what your next steps are moving forward.

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10:25 a.m.

    Hear from current Winthrop Students and ask them questions about life on campus!

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11:00 a.m.

    Visit class list below for link to join your class!

    • Department:  Math
      Faculty: Dr. Jessie Hamm

      Class Title:   An Explosion of Mathematics
      Zoom link:
      Description:  Picture it-a simple machine with one rule that can explain rules of arithmetic, numbers in different bases, fractions and decimals, polynomial long division, infinite series, and MORE!  Sound too good to be true?  Join me for a short lesson to see for yourself.  Bring an empty egg carton, some dry beans (or beads), and an open mind! Warning-your mind might just explode with excitiement!

    • Department:  History/Political Science
      Faculty: Dr. Brandon Ranallo-Benavidez

      Class:   Women & the U.S. Constitution: The Ongoing Struggle for Gender Equity
      Zoom link:

      Description:  With expertise in both the Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WMST) and Political Science (PLSC) programs, I will explore three struggles for gender equity in America: women's suffrage, the Equal Rights Amendment (E.R.A.), and the #MeToo Movement.  Content warning: Discussion of sexual violence and sexism.

      Department:  Education
      Faculty: Dr. Yasemin Cava-Tadik

      Class:    Helping Families Deal with Challenges Due to COVID 19 Crisis
      Zoom link:

      In this mini teaching session, we will talk about some of the challenges families have faced due to COVID-19 crisis.  Then we will discuss helping them put those challenges in a resilience, strenghts-perspective.  We will also discuss how families need higher levels of resiliency because of COVID-19.  This will serve as a model for working with families in a variety of ways from a human perpective.

    • Department:  Accounting, Finance & Economics
      Faculty: Nicholas Moellman

      Class:   The Dark Knight & the Prisoner's Dilemma
      Zoom link:

        What can Batman and the Joker teach us about economics and decision making?  We will use the film the Dark Knight to explore game theory, incentives, and how economists think about the world.

    • Department:  Fine Arts
      Faculty: Myles Calvert

      Class:  Print Mania!
      Zoom link:

      Description: Join the Famous Printmaker Myles Calvert and his students for a glimpse into the Winthrop printmaking studio for a print extravaganza!

      Department:  Computer Science
      Faculty: R. Paul Wiegand

      Class:   Simple Ways to Code Robot Swarms
      Zoom link:

      Description:  In this lecture, we will discuss how we can turn inspiration from nature into algorithms that we can use to control coordinated systems of agents and robots.  We'll discuss biological and physics-based inspirations, and we'll talk about some of the advantages and disadvantages to such approches.

    • Department:  Theatre
      Faculty:  Daniel Gordon

        Theatre: Script Analysis for Actors, Directors, and Designers
      Zoom link:

      Theoretical and practical analysis of play scripts from a global theatrical perspective.

    • Department:  Dance
      Faculty:  Jaclyn O'Toole

      Class:  Dance Technique Conditioning
      Zoom link:

      Description:  Strength and flexibility conditioning for dancers.  This is a participatory session.

    • Department:  Design
      Faculty: Elizabeth Dulemba

      Class: Illustration: Directing the Viewer's Eye
      Zoom link

      Description: Award - winning author and illustrator Elizabeth Dulemba, associate professor of design, will lead a session on illustration.

    • Department:  Music
      Faculty:  Dr. Elisa Koehler

      Class: Playing with History
      Zoom link:

      Description:  This class will explore how the modern trumpet evolved from animal horns and conch shells into the instrument we know today, including discussions of music theory, cultural history, and instrument design.

11:45 a.m.

    Take out Virtual Campus tour to explore the beauty of Winthrop and ask an Admissions Counselor any lasting questions you have about Winthrop. 

    Zoom link:

Last Updated: 4/7/23