Winthrop University: Dual Enrollment - Registration Procedures

Dual Enrollment - Registration Procedures

Course registration at Winthrop is completely web-based.  To register, you should know the classes for which you want to register (see course information page) as well as your Winthrop username and password. For returning dual enrollment students: you must resubmit the Permission Form for Returning Students to the Dual Enrollment Office each semester before registering for classes.

Once you receive confirmation from the Dual Enrollment Office that the courses in which you are interested are approved, follow the steps below to register.  ALL ENROLLMENTS are checked after the registration period - dual enrollments students in courses for which they were not approved will be dropped from the non-approved course(s).


    1. Go to the Wingspan homepage (

    2. Enter your username and password (same as Winthrop email account) and "Login".
    1. Once logged in to the Wingspan portal, click on the "Student" tab at the top.

    2. Click on the " Registration" link and select Add or Drop Classes.

    3. Select the appropriate terms and click "Submit".

    4. Type the 5-digit CRN of the class in which you wish to enroll (see your course listing).

    5. Click on "Submit Changes".
    1. Click on "Return to Main Menu" in the upper left part of the page.

    2. Versions of the student schedule include:
              - Concise Student Schedule - condensed, one-line per course details
              - Detailed Schedule provides additional information on multiple lines
              - Week at a Glance shows each separate week of classes.
                    *Clicking on the course provides additional details.
                    * Only Monday classes after 5:00 p.m. meet during first week of class in the fall.

    Erica Panton
    Pre-College Programs Office


    Dr. Robert Prickett
    Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences



Last Updated: 10/4/21