Winthrop Dual Enrollments FAQs

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Dual Enrollment - FAQS


    If you have the high school course work that classifies you as a current/rising junior or senior, a 3.0 GPA on the SC uniform Grading Scale, and a 22 ACT/1050 SAT (or PreAct/PSAT equivalent) then you qualify. 

    Visit the course registration page for directions on viewing course offerings.

    First time dual enrollment students must complete a dual enrollment application. Each semester after the initial application,students must resubmit the Permission Form for Returning Students.

    There is no application fee for the dual enrollment program.

    NO! Winthrop classes are on a different schedule than K-12 schools. Pay close attention to start and end dates on the registration calendar as well as differences in holidays. We do not have teacher workdays at Winthrop.

    Before classes start, students should acquire a parking permit through Campus Police Department by making an online request or by visiting the Good Building on campus.  Students will purchase a "commuter" permit and must park in designated areas.  Keep transportation in mind when choosing classes - give plenty of time to get to and from school or other activities.

    Computing and Information Technology produces Winthrop ID cards.  Once dual enrollment application has been approved and you have a Winthrop student ID number, follow the direction on the technology webpage for obtaining your ID card.  First time dual enrollment students will also have the opportunity to have their card made immediately prior to student/family orientation.

    Having access to a Winthrop student ID provides multiple benefits for the owner including entry into athletic and cultural events, West Center access, academic support services, Dacus Library access, discounts at local business, and much more.

    We encourage students to talk to the courses instructor (and high school guidance counselor if for dual credit) immediately upon realizing challenges exist and take advantage of on-campus academic support services.  Should a student need to drop a course, it must be done so prior to the date on the registration calendar.  After this date, the grade attained will be posted on an official transcript.

Last Updated: 9/24/20