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Student Achievement Goals 

Winthrop's goals for student achievement are embedded in the University's goals, to promote access and degree attainment, and to continually enhance the quality of the Winthrop experience for all students  
     Goal 1: Support inclusive excellence by expanding our impact on students and our communities through enrollment growth and increases in retention and graduation rates.  

     This goal, pertaining to student achievement, is measured using data on enrollment, retention, and graduation rates. Aggregate graduation and retention data are presented in the tables below. Disaggregate data by gender, race and socio-economic status are located on the Student Consumer Information webpage.

 sag retention and graduation

        Goal 2: Continually enhance the quality of the Winthrop experience for all students by promoting a culture of innovation, with an emphasis on global and community engagement.
       This goal, also pertaining to student achievement, is measured using data elements from the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) Engagement Indicators (Winthrop’s NSSE-HIPS; NSSE-Campus Environment; NSSE-Experiences with Faculty; and, NSSE items associated with Winthrop’s University Level Competencies (NSSE-ULCs).
           Additional Student Achievement Indicators:
           Licensure Exam Results in Education (Praxis II, edTPA)
           Licensure Exam Results in School Psychology, Exercise Science, Dietetics, Athletic Training and Social Work
           Post-baccalaureate Placement Rates

sag placement rates

           An additional summary of student achievement in the context of the University's goals is described in Winthrop's annual state accountability report.


Last Updated: 8/20/20