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Continuous Improvement

Manual: Assessment Plans and Improvement Reports (APIR)

Winthrop's Manual for unit and program-level Assessment Plans and Improvement Reports provides information and resources to guide administrators, staff and instructional faculties in documenting assessment finding and linking results to evidence-based actions and improvements.

Current Manual for Assessment Plan and Improvement Reports 2015

Archived APIR

Periodic review of academic, administrative, and student life programs ensures that Winthrop staff, faculty and administrators receive actionable feedback on their respective units' performance, effectiveness (of services provided), achievements, and opportunities for continued improvement. Winthrop University's Academic Program Review (APR) website provides information on roles and responsibilities, the stages of APR, and Winthrop's APR schedule. Winthrop's Online Assessment Plan and Improvement Reporting System (OARS 2.0) is the University's centralized location for documenting institutional effectiveness of administrative, student life, and academic units. In the OARS, administrative, student life, and academic units annually summarize program assessment plans, results, and evidence-based decisions/actions. Units also use OARS to document unit-level mechanisms for archiving evidence of assessment results and evidence-based actions/decisions.

Last Updated: 8/20/20