Winthrop University: AAAS - Assessment Mission Statement

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Mission Statement - Principles of Assessment

  1. The primary reason for assessment is to improve student learning and development.
  2. The assessment program is designed primarily for internal use in making decisions that seek to improve programs, instruction, and related services.
  3. Assessment program initiatives must include training and related resources for faculty and student support personnel who are responsible for assessment activities.
  4. Participation by faculty in student assessment activities appropriately supported and recognized by the University.
  5. The development of an effective, valid assessment program is a long-term, dynamic process.
  6. The assessment program seeks to use the most reliable, valid methods and instruments of assessment.
  7. Assessment must involve a multi-method approach.
  8. The technical limitations of the respective data will be considered during subsequent decision-making and delineated in assessment reports.
  9. Assessment results are not intended to be used punitively against students or faculty.
  10. Assessment of student learning and development is a process that is distinct from faculty evaluation.

[The assessment program strives to incorporate all aspects of student learning and development, including skills, knowledge and attitudes related to college readiness (entry level), general education, majors, career preparation, and personal growth and development.]

Last Updated: 8/20/20