The homepage or landing page is a one-off page separate and unrelated to the other templates or page-types. This page has a list of properties, features and configurations that are unique unto itself.


Clicking the "New" button in OUCampus gives you the option to create one of the following page types, sections or widgets. Note: All pages created using the following templates will be output as .aspx files when published to the production server.
  1. New Virtual Tour


PCF files located in the /_resources/includes directory are files that can be edited through the wysiwyg editor as well as through page properties. These files are published to the production server as .inc files which are then automatically included on "subscribing pages".
  1. Homepage Footer (footer-homepage.pcf)
  2. Footer (footer.pcf)
  3. Header (header.pcf)
Last Updated: 6/25/24