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Philosophy and Religion

Bachelor of Arts

Dive deep into the fundamental nature of human existence and the world beyond: morality, truth, beauty, reality—our most profound questions and their mind-bending answers. Explore humanity's richly varied articulations of God, its sacred texts, its religious practices—its mysterium tremens.

Our program features small class sizes and the close attention of an expert, dedicated faculty. We feature expertise in the world's major religious traditions including Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism. We also feature a pre-seminary program for those interested in a career in ministry. Philosophically, we specialize in applied ethics, the philosophy of law, social and political philosophy, environmental and business ethics, the philosophy of religion, existentialism, and Continental philosophy!

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Curriculum and Learning Opportunities

The study of Philosophy and Religion develops the skills of critical analysis at the most fundamental levels of human understanding. Students trained in philosophy and religion have pursued careers in teaching, ministry, law, medicine, management, publishing, sales, criminal justice and other fields.

Students may concentrate in either subject depending on career goals. Those planning graduate study in philosophy or religious studies would select the appropriate concentration.

    "Philosophy is the process of thinking rationally and critically about the most basic and important questions of life: what gives life meaning. It’s imperative for creating a civil society of citizens who can reason soundly and exercise good judgment" — Washington Post


    Religious Studies utilizes the insights and methods of diverse fields explore the essential character of the religious dimension of life. Understanding religion and why it is so important to so many people is more important than ever in today’s global reality.


    Students with an interest in philosophy and religion can choose the combined track and select courses from each area to design their own program of study.


Why Winthrop?

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Flexibility to Design

Choose from a variety of courses to design a course of study with no ladder of prerequisites to climb.

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Do-able Hour Requirement

Students can graduate within or under four years with the time to double major and save money.

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Interdisciplinary Opportunities

Students connect various areas of learning with one another through team-taught and cross-listed courses.

Hear From Our Students and Faculty

Beyond Graduation

"Largely due to the engaging enthusiasm of the department's professors and students alike, my time as a philosophy and religion major challenged me to move far outside my own small perspective in order to better see our world's complexities and find my role in it."

Victoria Burdette, Class of 2018