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Bachelor of Arts

Our Bachelor of Arts in History has a long and storied history at Winthrop—well over a century old—and is now writing its own chapter in the historical narrative, advancing from pen and paper and manual typewriters to the current age of eBooks, 3D printing and digital archives. The program offers students opportunities to explore everything from Medieval Africa and Islam to Pirates in Asian waters, from the History of College Football to Black Women in America. Winthrop history students will learn the historian's craft and apply that craft in a senior or graduate seminar that usually results in a student’s first publication.

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Curriculum and Learning Opportunities

The history major is frequently chosen by students who wish to pursue careers in such fields as teaching, law, library and archival work, and journalism, as well as in areas less directly related to the study of history, including fields in business and industry.


Why Winthrop?

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Marketable Skill Development

More than 90 percent of our graduates produce an authentic piece of writing based on primary research.

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Published Scholars and Mentors

All members of the history department are active in their research field and consistently publish and present findings.

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Endless Opportunities

Majors develop skills in research, writing, argumentation, data interpretation and critical thinking to help succeed in any career.

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Beyond Graduation

Graduates often pursue careers in law, politics, and the public sector; business and management; education; and more.