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Bachelor of Arts

The English program at Winthrop is unique in the state of South Carolina—and also fairly unique in the country—because it focuses on English studies. The curriculum is designed to have a blended focus on literature, creative writing and professional writing, so students do not have to choose “tracks” like they do at other schools. Students exit the program as excellent writers and readers with diverse skills, rather than as specialists in only one area. This focus on gaining multiple skills opens up more job possibilities for graduates. It also makes the program more fun, as students get to take many types of literature and writing classes during their college career.

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Curriculum and Learning Opportunities

    Winthrop's English major gives students the flexibility to carve their own path based on their career goals. Students can design a program of study based around creative writing, critical reading and research, rhetoric and professional writing, or a combination of the three.


    The English Education track prepares students for careers as high school English teachers. Students will graduate with a B.A. in English along with teacher certification through the College of Education.


Why Winthrop?

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Continued Success

100 percent of English education graduates have found employment immediately after college for the past eight years.

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Real-World Experience

Opportunities for internships both on and off campus push students to think like professionals while still undergraduates.

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Recognized Research

Undergraduate research avenues provide students opportunities to present research papers, gain experience and earn scholarships.

Hear From Our Students and Faculty

Beyond Graduation

Dasia Payne

Dasia Payne
English, Class of 2014

"I am the Associate Managing Editor at Berkley, an imprint of Penguin Random House, located in New York City! My position is extremely fast-paced, and I must juggle a lot. Managing editors are truly the nuts and bolts of a publishing house and I love my position because it continues to allow me the opportunity to work with and learn about a variety of other departments. It’s been a thrilling five years in the career of my dreams, working with authors such as Ali Hazelwood, Emily Henry, Jasmine Guillory, Ruby Dixon, and a new, personal favorite, Ashley Poston. I am so thankful to Winthrop’s Department of English for preparing me for my role in the publishing industry."