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Bachelor of Arts

Economists work at the forefront of many vital current issues: how to combat poverty and unemployment, how to provide adequate health care, how to protect the environment, even how to reduce crime, reform education and fight terrorism. Economics is more than a body of knowledge; it is a way of thinking. As a vice president of a multi-billion dollar corporation once put it: "Economics teaches us to confront problems, to size them up and to wrestle with creative solutions. And that is what firms hire you to do."

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Curriculum and Learning Opportunities

Students who pursue the Bachelor of Arts in Economics will supplement their economics coursework with a minor of their choice and a series of free electives consistent with their interests and career goals.


Why Winthrop?

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Small Classes and Exceptional Faculty

Students benefit from the personalized attention of small classes all taught by our award-winning faculty—not by graduate students.

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Extracurricular Opportunities

Our students take advantage of exchange programs both within the U.S. and abroad, internships, honors courses, and independent research.

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Diverse Student Body

45 percent of Winthrop students are minorities, and economics is the major of choice for a number of international students.

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Beyond Graduation

Economics provides students with an analytical training that is a valuable asset in any career. Many graduates enter the workforce directly and find employment in such diverse areas as banking and finance, management, government service, labor relations, policy research, sports management, consulting, journalism and marketing. Other students use economics as a foundation for graduate programs in law, business, economics and policy studies.