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Bachelor of Arts

The Winthrop University Department of Psychology is committed to helping all students achieve their goals whether it be pursuing graduate or professional school, working in health or human services, using psychology as a base for a career in business, law, medicine, or other professional field, or simply attaining a well-rounded liberal arts education. We offer an outstanding undergraduate program in psychology as well as a nationally recognized graduate program in School Psychology.

We have a strong faculty who possess expertise in such specialties within psychology as clinical, counseling, child, cognition, developmental, experimental, industrial/organizational, physiological, school, social, and related areas. Our faculty model active professional involvement by presenting at conferences, publishing papers and books, contributing to community and state agencies, and holding leadership positions in state and national organizations. However, enhancing student learning and development through quality teaching, mentoring, advising, and assessment is our primary focus, not a sideline.

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Curriculum and Learning Opportunities

Psychology majors at Winthrop acquire a broad range of knowledge and skills consistent with both the University's general education goals and the American Psychological Association's Undergraduate Psychology Learning Goals.


Why Winthrop?

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Develop Research Skills

Psychology majors have plentiful opportunities to conduct and present research at professional conferences, often with financial support from the university.

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Small Classes and Exceptional Faculty

Students benefit from personalized attention in small classes taught by award-winning faculty, all of whom have earned the highest degree awarded in their areas of specialization.

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Real World Experience

Gain hands-on field experience and professional training through internships with local therapists, counselors, social workers and more.

Hear From Our Students and Faculty

Beyond Graduation

Recent psychology graduates have obtained employment in a wide variety of fields such as health and human services, social services, business, and education, and/or pursued advanced preparation in various specialties of psychology as well as in medicine, law, business, education, and other fields.