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2007 Winthrop / ETV Poll Findings

Note: All Data Results are available in pdf format.

November 1, 2007

Description: New Winthrop / ETV Poll Finds Thompson, Giuliani, and Romney in Dead Heat as Clinton Widens Lead Over Obama from Previous Horserace Poll

Data Results: Republican Primary Voters, Democratic Primary Voters, Both Parties
Press Release

September 13, 2007

Description: Groundbreaking Winthrop/ETV Poll of S.C. African Americans Gives Edge to Obama Over Clinton

Data Results: Horse Race, U.S. at War, State of Our Nation and State, Education and Internet, Social Issues, Self-image, Religious, Crime, About This Poll
Press Release

May 31, 2007

Description: Commanding Lead for Clinton and Obama Among Democratic Candidates; GOP Race is Anyone's Bet Among Top Tier

Data Results: Questions 1-7, Questions 8-15, Questions 16-18, Questions 19-29, Methodology,  About the Partners
Press Release

March 8, 2007

Description: State Residents Tell Winthrop Poll They Could Vote For Female or Black Candidate

Data Results: Economy, General Politics, Religious & Moral Issues, Technology, Trust & Efficacy, Vote for Woman or African American
Press Release

March 7, 2007

Description: Winthrop Poll of South Carolina residents shows Giuliani and Clinton have early edge in 2008 presidential field

Data Results: 2008 Presidential Candidates
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