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2008 Winthrop / ETV Poll Findings

Note: All Data Results are available in pdf format.

October 23, 2008

Description: Latest Results for Winthrop/ETV Poll Survey of Likely Voters in SC, NC and VA Show Statistical Dead Heat for Obama/McCain in NC and VA; McCain Expected to Win SC decisively.

Data Results: Bush presidency/economy, presidential candidates, bailout/vice presidential candidates/Senate races, treatment of candidates/oil drilling
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August 21, 2008

Description: Latest Results Are In for Winthrop/ETV Poll Survey of Likely Voters in 11 Southern States Show McCain Leading Obama 51 to 35 Percent; 80 Percent of Clinton Supporters Won't Sit Out Election; Almost 90 Percent Say Ho-Hum to Notion of VP from South; Obama Slightly Better at Feeling Their Pain; Economy #1 Issue on Voters' Minds; One-Third Say Neither Candidate Has Clear Cut Solutions; Almost 75 Percent of African Americans Minimize Impact of Race in Election

Data Results: Results
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February 21, 2008

Description: Latest Winthrop/ETV Poll Results Show SC Residents High on Their Financial Future; Give Thumbs-Up to Performance of National, State and Local Governments; Give Thumbs-Down to Tax Increases to Improve Infrastructure; Almost 30 Percent Say Humans Not to Blame for Global Warming

Data Results: Results
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