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John C. West Forum on Politics and Policy

West Forum Events

Spring 2013-14

Rye Barcott: It Happened on the Way to the War

Mr Rye Barcott will discuss his experiences in the Marine Corps in Iraq, Bosnia and the Horn of Africa, while also co-founding and leading his non-profit organization Carolina for Kibrera located in the slum of Kibera, Kenya (outside Nairobi). He wrote about his experiences in It Happened on the Way to the War. Global cultural event.

Date: January 30, 11amCultural Event Logo

Location: Dina's Place 

Rear Admiral Sandra Stosz: The US Coast Guard

Admiral Sandra Stosz will discuss her career in the Coast Guard as the first woman to lead a United States Military Academy. She will also discuss geopolitical issues facing the Coast Guard, particularly in the Polar region. This is an approved Cultural Event. Cultural Event Logo

Date: Thursday, February 6, 11am
Location: Dina’s Place, DiGiorgio Center


Vickie Middleton: South Carolina Voting Rights Since 1965

Vickie Middleton, Executive Director of the South Carolina American Civil Liberties Union, will discuss the evolution of voting rights laws in South Carolina since the passage of the Voting Rights Act in 1965. Cultural event. CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER.

Date: February 13, 11am

Location: Kinard 018 (Kinard Basement)



Senator Lindsey Graham: Update on Benghazi

Senator Lindsey Graham will discuss foreign policy with a focus on Benghazi. This is an approved cultural event. This event is open to the Winthrop community.

Date: February 20, 11am

Location: Dina's PlaceCultural Event Logo


Dr John Hibbing: Genes, Behavior, and Politics

Cultural Event LogoDr John Hibbing will discuss his research about gene’s role in individual’s political decision-making. This is an approved Cultural Event

Date: Thursday, February 27, 11am
Location: Dina’s Place, DiGiorgio Center


Breast Confusion: Breastfeeding and the Breast in Contemporary Political Culture

Dr Michael Lipscomb will explore the multi-layered meanings of the breast. Is it a sexual organ, designed to attract and please sexual partners in private but hidden from the public? Or is it an asexual organ with a specific, biological purpose (to feed babies)? This lecture will explore the myriad competing interpretations of the breast, discuss how women must navigate between them if they choose to breastfeed and need to breastfeed in public, and how government, public opinion, employers, and social mores both help and hinder women’s breastfeeding choices. This is an approved cultural event.

Date: Thursday, March 6, 11amCultural Event Logo

Location: Owens G02

This event is a part of the West Forum's Performance, Politics, and Civic Dialogue Series


Half-Naked and Running: From Breast Cancer to Public Action

Humorist and Activist Tania Katan will hold a performance and lecture about her experiences with breast cancer and her own brand of activism to fight the disease. This is an approved cultural event.

Date: Thursday, March 13, 11am

Location: Johnson Theater

This event is part of the West Forum's Performance, Politics and Civic Dialogue Series


A Look Inside the 2014 South Carolina GOP Primary

Dr Scott Huffmon will discuss the results of the latest Winthrop Poll. The Poll will focus on the 2014 South Carolina Republican primaries. This is an approved cultural event.

Date: Thursday, March 27, 11:30pmCultural Event Logo

Location: Owens G02

Breast Cancer and the Politics of the Pink Ribbon

Breast Cancer is the second most common form of cancer among women. Once considered too shameful to discuss except in private, today breast cancer is out in the open. Races, walks, politics, yogurt containers, celebrity disclosures, tell-all books: breast cancer and its symbol, the pink ribbon, are everywhere. This lecture will describe and analyze the origins and the success of the breast cancer movement, and the current critiques and challenges it faces. Cultural event status pending. 

Date: Tuesday, April 1, 11am

Location: Owens G02

This event is a part of the West Forum's Performance, Politics, and Civic Dialogue Series 



Summer 2014

NEW Leadership South Carolina
Summer Institute
May 17-21, 2014
Winthrop University Campus

The John C. West Forum and Winthrop University will partner with the College of Charleston to host the first NEW Leadership-South Carolina Summer Institute. The NEW Leadership - South Carolina program is a member of the NEW Leadership Network, led by the Center for American Women in Politics at Rutgers University. Approximately 20-30 college students will come to the Winthrop campus to learn about women's leadership and careers in public affairs. Watch for applications--coming soon!

Past events (Fall 2013)

Constitution Day Speaker: Stephen Cox, Attorney at Law

Cultural Event LogoStephen Cox, attorney at law will hold a discussion about the limits of free speech. He will examine the limits that national security impose on the right to speak freely and also the government’s right to limit “offensive speech”. He will examine the fine line between what is considered free speech and what is not considered free speech. Students and the public are invited to participate in this important conversation. This is an approved Cultural Event.

Date: Thursday, September 19, 11am
Location: Dina’s Place, Digiorgio Center

Banned Book Reading

Cultural Event LogoStudents from the WU Literary Society and the WU NCTE will do dramatic readings from the following banned books:

This is an approved Cultural Event.

Date: Tuesday, September 24, 7pm
Location: Owens G01

Describing Ourselves: How South Carolinians Describe the South to Non-southerners

Cultural Event LogoDr Scott Huffmon will help Winthrop students and community members identify the unique traits of the southern voter. Based on the results of the latest Winthrop Poll. This is an approved Cultural Event.

Date: Thursday, October 10, 11am
Location: Owens G01

The Fight for Irish Freedom 1916-1923

Mr Lorcan Collins, an internationally recognized lecturer and author, will discuss the full story of the struggle for Irish independence. Mr Collin’s goal is to make history accessible to all ages.In 1916 a small group of armed men and women occupied key buildings in Dublin City and declared an Irish Republic. This event is known as the Easter Rising. It resulted in the execution of the leaders of the Cultural Event Logorebellion but created the right conditions for the Irish War of Independence which was led by Michael Collins and the IRA. The guerilla campaign forced the British Empire to negotiate the Anglo-Irish.Treaty which led directly to the Irish Civil War. This talk will outline the complexities of the Irish Revolution and contribute to a better understanding of these three key events of Irish revolutionary history. This is an approved cultural event.

Cosponsored by GLI and DSU.

Date: November 12, 11am

Location:Dina's Place

US Healthcare from a comparative and historical perspective

Dr Karen Kedrowski, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and Co-Director of the West Forum and Professor Katarina Moyon, Co-Director of the West Forum and Director of HMXP will discuss theCultural Event Logo United States healthcare system from a comparative and historical perspective. They will examine The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, other healthcare systems used in the world today, and the development of healthcare policy in the United States. This is an approved global cultural event.

Date: November 14, 11am

Location: Dina's Place