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Requirement •  Explanation

Accessibility Initiative

Section 508 Requirement

(j) Screen Flicker


The following features may cause problems for one or more audiences viewing your Web page(s):

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animated molecule graphic animated book graphic animated click here graphic animated computer graphic animated email graphic
animated new graphic
animated search graphic

Scrolling text can be very problematic for many users. Avoid it as much as possible.

This is a sample of scrolling text created with FrontPage.

Although the speed of the scrolling text can be set, there is currently no way to determine the flicker speed of various settings.  Therefore, at this time, scrolling text should be avoided on all Winthrop University Web pages.

The graphic below is a screen shot of the FrontPage "Marquee Properties"  box:

FrontPage Marquee Properties dialog box


For your convenience, you may download a printer-friendly Section 508 checklist (pdf).
For additional assistance with this requirement, send an e-mail to

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