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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research

Abstract Submission Form

Abstracts must be sponsored by a faculty mentor who can attest to the validity of the student's work. If the scholarship was done with an off-campus mentor, the chair of the student's Winthrop department can sponsor the abstract.

Contact Information

Contact Information
Name of submitting student:  
Complete mailing address (for reception invitation):  
Name of Winthrop's faculty sponsor:   
Email address of faculty sponsor:   

Abstract Information 

Abstract Information
Student's name and year of graduation (if more than one student is presenting, list multiple students on new lines in the text box below):
Title of abstract:
Name(s) of mentor(s):
Names of committee members (for honors thesis abstracts only):
If the work originated from a course assignment, provide the course title, number, and instructor's name (e.g., Investigative Biology, BIOL 300, Dwight Dimaculangan).
If abstract was presented at a conference or published, list names of all authors for the work presented and name and date of meeting and/or journal citation:
If this research was sponsored by a grant or scholarship, please provide information on the sponsor (name of scholarship or grant, sponsoring institution, when awarded, etc.):
If this research received any awards when it was originally presented or published, please provide information on the award (name of award, when awarded, etc.):
Copy and paste abstract here (abstracts are limited to 350 words):