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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research

Student Travel Funding

Applications for funding are due October 3, 2014, for Fall 2014 travel; February 5, 2015, for Spring 2015 travel; and May 1, 2015, for Summer 2015 travel.

Definition of Research Covered by this Policy

These funds may be used to support presentations (e.g., oral papers, posters, performances) by Winthrop University undergraduates at professional conferences. The scholarly or creative work must have been conducted by Winthrop University students under the mentorship of Winthrop University faculty.

Chemistry Student

Average Awards

The maximum travel award is $250. If a presentation or performance is being made by a group of students, the $250 travel award will be divided among the group. Additional funding may be available through individual colleges, such as the College of Arts and Sciences.

Award Notification

Letters of award notification will be issued via e-mail on the dates noted above. The award notifications will include instructions on how to process payments. If approval is not granted, the applicant will be notified via the e-mail address on the form.


Applications will be reviewed and acted upon three times per year. You may submit your application any time prior to the appropriate application deadline. Guidelines for processing payments against the award will be included in the award notification letter.


In order to apply for travel support, the student must be enrolled as a degree-seeking student at Winthrop University at the time of the conference. The student must make a presentation or perform.

Group Presentations

Attendance at a conference by two or more students to make a single presentation of research or performance will be treated as one application. A travel award will be divided equally among group members participating in the presentation or performance.

The conference must take place in the fiscal year the award is made. A fiscal year is July 1 of one year to June 30 of the next year.

You may request reimbursement of travel costs incurred prior to the deadline dates shown below if the travel occurred during the same fiscal year as the application.

Procedure for Applying for Funds

  1. Obtain the "Travel Support for Student Research Presentations or Performances (pdf - 128.82 KB)".
  2. Complete the form, sign, and attach the following to the request:
    1. One-page abstract describing the research performance
    2. List of individuals who will be giving the presentation/performance at the conference
    3. A copy of the acceptance letter from the conference organization, if received by the date of this application. If you have not received your acceptance letter, note on the application that a copy of the acceptance letter will be included with the travel reimbursement request. Funds will not be distributed until a copy of the acceptance letter is presented to Undergraduate Research Office.
    4. Approval letter from appropriate institutional committee. If approval is pending attach submission confirmation from the committee.
    5. All students awarded funding must read and sign the Behavioral Guidelines for Conference Attendance (pdf - 76 KB) and submit it to the Undergraduate Research Office with your application before traveling.
    6. If any costs need to be prepaid, a completed and signed Travel Authorization form must be included with the attachments.
  3. Obtain approval, as designated by signature on "Travel Support for Student Research Presentations or Performances" form, of the Faculty Mentor/Advisor, the Department Chair, and the Dean.
  4. Submit the "Travel Support for Student Research Presentations or Performances (pdf - 128.82 KB)" form and attachments to:

    Undergraduate Research Office
    Winthrop University
    222 Dinkins Hall
    University College
    Rock Hill, SC 29733

Travel Expense Overview

You can find more information regarding reimbursement of travel expenses (i.e. mileage stipulations and per diem rates) at the Controller's Office.