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Clubs and Organizations

Roddey Hall Council

Type of Organization:  Residential
Organization Email:
Purpose of Organization:  The Roddey Hall Council is dedicated to enhancing the on-campus housing experience of Roddey residents through programming.
Description of Organization:  Made up of a leadership council and open to every resident of Roddey Hall, this group meets twice per month to discuss current issues in Roddey and fun programs and projects to engage residents.
Planned Projects/Events: Dine and Discover - A way to teach residents a fun, easy meal they can make in their apartments. It is also a way for us to engage our international students and introduce them to typical American cuisine. Next week, we are teaching meatloaf. Pumpkin Carving - We are celebrating Halloween and learning about Halloween traditions through carving pumpkins with residents. Halloween Party - We are sponsoring a costume party for the building to have some fun and to teach our international residents about Halloween.