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Steps to Reserve Space on Campus

Step 1: Get Organized

  • Your first step to requesting space is planning.  You will want to set a tentative date, time and location as well as have alternative times and dates
  • Your goal should be to plan far enough in advance and be flexible with your event's timeframe.
  • You should also take time to check the University Events Calendar to verify that your event does not conflict with other major university events.
  • All space requests require 10-day notice prior to the event for student organizations.

Step 2: Check Dates

  • After choosing your desired location, look on the Campus Space Reservation System specific calendar page to see if the space is available.

 Step 3: Contact the Facility Coordinator

  • Each building has a Space Use Manager assigned to manage all perspective venues with regard to space availability on campus.
  • This step is in place to help you double check on the space you are trying to request, and discuss specific guidelines for the facility.

Step 4: Submit Request

Things to remember while you are filling out your space request:

  • Include your correct Winthrop University e-mail address as well as your advisor's e-mail address.
  • Include time for set-up and break down.
  • Request for Campus Police to unlock and lock doors before and after the event, if applicable.
  • A separate request must be completed for multiple dates and spaces.
  • Print a copy of your request before it is submitted as well as the form that provides the assigned event number information for your records.
  • Requests can only be submitted online.
  • If you event is scheduled outside make sure that you have an alternate location in case of inclement weather.

 Step 5: Wait for a Response

  • The final step is the easiest, just wait.
  • Your request for space and activity will be considered by all approving parties
  • You will receive an email confirming approval or rejection.
  • Do not publicize the event until you receive an emailed confirmation.
  • Expect a response usually within a week.
  • You may be request to provide additional information in order for approving parties to authorize your request.
  • If additional information is not submitted, the request may be denied.
  • All applicable request will be reviewed by the Events Approval Committee.
  • You may check the status of your requests on the Campus Space Reservation System homepage with the usage of your assigned Event Number.  
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