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Division of Student Life
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Student Publications Graduate Assistantship

The position of graduate assistant for Student Publications is designed to facilitate and promote a student-run media learning experience, independent of the classroom environment. The position helps advise and assist with the administration and publication of the Johnsonian, the Roddey-McMillan Record, the Anthology, and the Tatler.


  • Assist in communications between the publications and the administration
  • Facilitate student development through nationally-recognized professional organizations and their conferences, workshops, and resources
  • Assist the Board of Student Publications in meeting preparation, goal attainment, and the recruitment & hiring of high-level student staff positions
  • Coordinate new student recruitment and assist in staff recruitment
  • Assist in maintaining accurate records for the Board and the publications
  • Coordinate publication resources, including facility maintenance, technology support, and staff manuals
  • Support all publications in their campus and community involvement
  • Serve as a knowledgeable resource for the students and the community